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The focus of a wellness massage is overall relaxation and maintenance. The pressure can range from light to deep, depending on your needs. The therapist will always work with you to focus on areas that need extra attention and make sure you are feeling the most benefit. Techniques included are: Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure, trigger  point therapy, and myofascial release.

Deep Tissue 
A deep tissue massage focuses on acute conditions, like headaches, low back pain or strained hamstrings. Based on your input, the therapist may work the areas around the area of pain and discomfort as well as zeroing on the source.

“Deep tissue” encompasses a wide range of techniques and does not necessarily mean “deep pressure with lots of elbows”. Generally the work is performed to the edge of your comfort level, which is different for every person. Therefore, your therapist will be checking in frequently with you to make sure you are experiencing the right level of therapeutic pressure.


Not sure what kind of massage you would like? No problem! When you come in for your massage, your therapist will always check in with you before the massage to see what your needs are, be they stress reduction and relaxation, targeted pain relief, or a combination. Our main priority is that you leave the massage feeling amazing.

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60 Minute Massage: $80

90 Minute Massage: $120

120 Minute Massage: $160

30 Minute Massage: $45

College Student 60 Minute (10% discount): $72

College Student 90 Minute (10% discount): $104

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