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Congratulations on choosing the perfect gift! We have worked with so many people who are THRILLED with their gift of massage. It really is a gift that makes a difference in people’s lives.

How to Order a Massage Gift Certificate:

It’s so easy to order online – just print out the certificate, fold it up in a pretty card, and your gift shopping is done… AND you can be comfortable knowing you got the greatest gift!

Buy a Gift Certificate

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You can purchase an instant massage gift certificate that you can print immediately. Gift it to them as is or fold it up and put it in a beautiful card.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail.

A happy customer’s story:

“We went up to Davis to visit my girlfriend’s brother and his wife, who just recently had a baby. We decided it would be nice to get one or both of them a massage, since they are super hard-working people with a high level of stress at this phase of their lives. I called around to secretly find the best massage studio in Davis, and I am confident that I chose correctly with Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness!

I could tell right away when I called to set up an appointment that these folks were kind and gentle. A lot of the other places I called seemed either really indifferent or downright grumpy. The price was pretty reasonable from what I could tell. Our friend loved her treatment, received 15 free extra minutes, and reduced her stress. She was totally content with this place, and that makes us content as well. They even sent out a really nice thank you e-mail afterwards including tips for wellness and what to do after the massage to help maximize its positive effects.” – A.W.

Buy a Gift Certificate