June, 2020

At Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness, we prioritize our clients’ health, safety, and peace of mind above all else. For this reason, despite the fact that Yolo County has given the green light for massage therapists to re-open, we feel this decision was premature and puts the community and MT’s at risk.

We will not be resuming practice until we can be confident that it is safe for you and for us. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years. We truly hope to see you soon, but only when it’s safe.

-Lily Starling
Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness

At Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness, we are focused on pain and stress relief through massage therapy.

We specialize in massage for:

•    lower back pain
•    headaches
•    chronic stress
•    hip pain
•    neck and shoulder tightness

…and many other strain and stress conditions.

Our massage therapists are experts in deep tissue and wellness massage.

That means that we address the source of the discomfort rather than smoothing over it with a fluffy, ineffective massage. We know how frustrating it is to invest time and money in therapy that doesn’t work!

We will always listen to you and tailor each massage session to your 
specific concerns and needs.

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